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Danselisten til Horbelev 2020

Danseliste Horbelev 18. januar 2020 East Coast Linedancers
  Dagens program:  
  Kl. 13:30 Dørene åbnes  
  Kl. 14:00 Velkomst og dans efter danseliste  
  Kl. 15:00 Kaffepause  
  Kl. 15:30 Dans efter danseliste  
  Kl. 18:00 Spisning  
  Kl. 19:00 Dans efter danseliste  
  Kl. 21:00 Tak for i dag  
  Dette er ca. tidspunkter  
    Gulv A Gulv B
1 Beg Årsdans - The Little Farmer  
2 Imp. Leaving Of Liverpool  
3 catalan All My Mates  
4 Imp. BosaNova  
5 Int/Adv Selfish  
6 Beg Bare Essentials  
7 Beg Årsdans - Train Swing  
8 catalan Lifetime  
9 Imp. Music Yo My Eyes VALS
10 Imp. Like A Fine Wine Forever and ever
11 Imp. Walk Back To Me  
12 Imp. Kiss My Country A**Catalan  
13 Imp. Corn Don't Grow All You Need
14 Int. Just A Phase Let It Bay-B
15 Imp. Årsdans - Thorn In My Side  
16 Beg Senorita La La La Mamma Maria
17 Beg Down On Your Uppers  
18 catalan Burn Me Down  
19 catalan Adelaida  
20 Imp. Ghost Town  
21 Imp. Cowboys Don't Cry  
22 Imp. The Queen  
23 Imp. Lord Help Me  
24 Imp. Something You Love  
25 Imp. Perfect(Mette H)  
26 Imp. Playboys I Close My Eyes
27 Imp. Årsdans -Lonely Blues  
28 Int. The Vertical Expression  
29 Imp. Reason To Stay Why Did It Have To Be Me
30 Imp. Gentleman Jack  
31 Beg Yesterday's Tomorrow  
32 Beg Seven Spanish Angels  
33 catalan Perfekt Sunset  
34 catalan Country Auction  
    Gulv A Gulv B
35 Imp. Gone West  
36 Imp. A Love Worth Waiting For The Little Farmer
37 Imp. Have You Ever Seen The Rain  
38 Imp. Light Up The World  
39 Imp. Årsdans - Backroad Nation(That's Us) All About A Woman
40 Int. Hot Tamales  
41 Beg I Close MY Eyes  
42 Beg Billy B Bad  
43 Beg I Love A Rainy Night  
44 Beg Wake Me Up And Stay  
45 Beg Cowboy Boogie Throw Away The Key
46 Beg Sweet Sweet Smile  
47 catalan Stronger Than You  
48 catalan Your Mean To Me  
49 Imp. The Boat To Liverpool  
50 Imp. Last Chance Dance  
51 Int. Legend  
52 Int. Islands In The Stream Come Dance With Me
53 Beg Slapping Leather Makita
54 Beg Jitterbuggin  
55 Beg Avenuen  
56 Beg Den Allersidste Dans  
57 Beg Thanks A Lot  
58 Beg Walking Backwards  
59 Beg Årsdans - Bonaparte's Retreat  
60 catalan The Underdog  
61 catalan Wildfire  
62 catalan JR  
63 Imp. Two Stepper  
64 Int. Shot Of Tequila  
65 Int. Strait To The Bar  
66 Beg The Little Easy  
67 Beg Just Another Woman  
68 catalan Girls Like That Whole Again
69 catalan Hell To Paradise  
70 Imp. Wagon Wheel Rock  
71 Imp. Two Candles Little Wagon Wheel
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