Anybody Looking For A Fool                            Susanne Mose Nielsen
Blue Night Cha  Kim Ray
Bosa Nova                                                                   Phil Dennington
Break It To My Heart   Raz Chaplin &  Colin B. Smith
Come Back My Love                                                 Juliet Lam
Disappearing Tail Lights                                 Alison & Peter
Dreamworld  Michele Adam & Maria Hennings Hunt
Golddigger Rachael McEnaney
Heart Of An Angel                                        William Brown
Hey Boy    Thomas Malmgreen 
Hotel Angel   Audrey Watson
I Saw Linda Yesterday                                     Derek Robinson
Irish Stew  Lois Lightfoot
Knee Deep                                                                  Peter & Alison
Love, JoAnn                                                  Marie Sørensen
Move A Little In The Right Direction  Michéle Godard
Stick Like Glue                                                               Benny Ray & Pernille Ilkjær Knudsen
Vi Danser Linedance                                                     OrGinalen
Wake Me Up And Stay                                   Helen Reeson
Whatcha Reckon                                         Sue Smyth
Where I Belong   Maggie Gallagher
Write Your Number  Michelle Risley 
Let øvede  
Anybody Looking For A Fool   Susanne Mose Nielsen
Blue Night  Jacqueline Tan
Borderline                                                    Tina Argyle
Bruises                                                     Niels Poulsen
Call Me Maybe  Craig Bennett
Cry Cry Cry   Francien Sittrop
Dance Of Love                                            Maggie Gallagher
Evergreen                                                  Karen Hunn
For Neige                                                                        The Dreamers
Half Past Nothin’   Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Hotel Angel                                                                   Audry Watson
I Saw Linda Yesterday  Derek Robinson
Islands In The Stream Karen Jones
Morning Glory   Simon Ward
Reflection                                                Alison Johnstone
Right Or Wrong  Robbie McGowan Hickie
Rock Paper Scissors  Maggie Gallagher
Shame and Scandal Rep Ghazali
Skiffle Time   Darren Bailey
Stay Stay Stay                                                                  Niels Poulsen
Stick Like Glue                                                             Benny Ray & Pernille Ilkjær Knudsen
Susie Darling  DJ Dan & Winnie
Tange De Pasion                                       Kate Sala
The Blarney Roses                                       Maggie Gallagher
Together We Will Be                                                       Niels Poulsen
Vi Danser Linedance                                                      OrGinalen
When I Need You  Karl-Harry Winson
Whiskey’s Gone  Rob Fowler
Write Your Number  Michelle Risley
Because of you                                                                Robbie McGowan Hickie
Can't Let Go                                            Robbie McGowan Hickie
Creepin’  Up On You                                    Alison & Peter
Dancing With Cupid  Kate Sala
Drive By   Daniel Whittaker
Eres Tu                                                     Alison & Peter
I’m No Good   Rachael McEnaney
If You Were Mine    Maggie Gallagher
Intrigue                                                                        Rob Fowler
Judy Likes To Rock                                      Niels Poulsen
Move In The Right  Direction  Michele Godard
Runaway Train Craig Bennett
Speak With Your Heart                             Alison & Peter
Still Love Me Tomorrow?  Rachael McEnaney
Suds In The Bucket                                 Luke J. Craig
This Ole Boy   Rachael McEnaney
Throw Away The Key                                   Alison & Peter
Together We Dance                                Alison & Peter
Troublemaker                                         Vikki Morris
Vi Danser Linedance                                                   OrGinalen
Wagon Wheel Rock                                     Yvonne Anderson
Walk Back To Me   Peter Metelnick
Without Fire  Karl-Harry Winson