Uge 33(16-08-2016)
Bring On The Good Times
Uge 34(23-08-2016)
Uge 35(30-08-2016)
Gypsy Queen
Uge 36(06-09-2016)
Doing Alright Today
Drinking With Dolly
Love Like Before
Your Heaven
Uge 37(13-09-2016)
Oh What A Love
Chase That Song
The Music Man
Uge 39(27-09-2016)
Some Girls Will
Corazon Diamante
Uge 40(04-10-2016)
So Just Dance Dance Dance
Uge 41(11-10-2016)
Lord Help Me
Uge 44(31-10-2016)
Rockin' Rebel
Solo Amor
Uge 45(07-11-2016)
Break On Me Baby
Uge 46(14-11-2016)
Tuesday Blues On Wednesday
Uge 47(21-11-2016)
Last Chance Dance
Another Button
Uge 49(05-12-2016)
Live, Laugh, Love
Uge 1(02-01-2017)
I Wanna Try Everything
Uge 3(16-01-2017)
Take Me To The River - Easy
Uge 4(23-01-2017)
Vegas Baby
Once Bitten Twice Shy
Uge 5(30-01-2017)
Quarter After One
Uge 7(13-02-2017)
The Queen
Uge 11 (13-03-2017)
Ghost Town
Uge 13 (27-03-2017)
Nancy Mulligan