Uge 34(20-08-2018)
I Close My Eyes - NY
Old and Grey - NY
All The King's Horses - NY
Uge 35(27-08-2018)
Why Did It Have To Be Be - NY
Get It Right - NY
Uge 36( 03-09-2018)
Uge 37(10-09-2018)
Low Flow - NY
One Hundred - NY
Uge 40(01-10-2018)
Feel Like A Fool -NY
Speak With Your Heart - NY
Uge 44(2910-2018)
Simple As Can Be - NY
The Bed You Made For Me - NY
Texas Time - NY
Uge 46(12-11-2018)
Galway Girls
Uge 50(10-12-2018)
Thanks A Lot
Uge 4(21-01-2019)
Why Don't We Just Dance
Uge 6(04-02-2019)
Lots of Love
Uge 8(18-02-2019)
Holiday Time
Uge 11(11-03-2019)
Down The Road Apiece
Lonely Lovers
Uge 12(18-03-2019)
Like A Fine Wine

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