Kl. 18:15-holdet alle danse

  34. 35. 36. 37. 38.
Big Blue Tree x        
Blessed x        
Bonaparte's Retreat - NY         x
Bosa Nova       x x
Ghost Town       x  
Inspiration x x   x  
Last Chance Dance-GL   x      
Light Up The World       x  
Lonely Blues - NY     x x  
Lonely Drum       x  
More Than You'll Ever Know   x x    
Old And Grey x x      
Perfect x x      
Shakatak(NY-gammel)         x
Simple Things       x  
Tag On       x  
Thanks A Lot     x    
The Little Farmer - NY     x x x
Two Candles x x   x  
VHS-Ny x x     x
Whole Again       x  
Why Did It Have To Be Me       x  

Kl. 20:00-holdet alle danse

  34. 35. 36. 37. 38.
Angeleno         x
Amame   x   x  
Be Strong       x  
Close to My Heart - NY x x      
Evergreen x        
Forget - Me-Not x x      
Pot Of Gold       x  
Southern Thing   x     x
Thorn In My Side - NY     x x x
Yolanda x x x x